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Conversion of a Glasshouse to a Dwelling

Greenhouse in garden

Class Q of the General Permitted Development Order allows for the conversion of agricultural buildings into dwellings. Whilst this may bring up typical images of brick and pantile barns in effect any agricultural building is eligible if it meets the rules.

Whilst we have got through some less typical structures such as timber poultry sheds and grain stores it was a glasshouse that provided the most recent challenge to our Central and East team. Glasshouses whilst simple in construction have to withstand significant loads and weight of glass so are well built. Whilst the typical large multispan glasshouses might be difficult this particular glasshouse was not too large, was a single span in its own plot with a good floor and in good order.

Brian Barrow the consultant dealing with the case had come across the conversion of a glasshouse under class Q that had been successful on appeal elsewhere. Using this as a guide and knowledge of the legislation the first aspect was to get a structural engineer involved to assess the structure and possibilities. A report was prepared to accompany the application covering the key points. Then a scheme was developed by the Acorus Design team to fit the conversion criteria using the external glasshouse frame, keeping areas of glass and inserting living space and internal walls to provide usable rooms. The result was an interesting mix of new enclosed spaces and a conservatory type arrangement for other areas utilising the existing structure with new glass.

The class Q was granted, and this has opened up the option of further improvements which can be done via a planning application. Class Q has however enabled a range of buildings that might not have been considered as being the basis for a home. They might not suit everyone but for the right structure in the right location the possibilities are there.  


Julie Milne

It is with great sadness that we share the news that our dear friend and colleague Julie Milne has passed away. Julie was our Finance

large wood building

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