Curved Steel Structure Go Ahead In Suffolk

Overcome a Refusal
A client is very pleased with the appeal that was recently allowed to secure outline planning permission…
Extension To Veterinary
The Northern office is pleased to have secured planning permission for several developments for a Veterinary…

The Acorus planning and design team have been working on behalf of a client for the last twelve months. The structure is unusual in that there is no structural steel frame and the buildings strength is totally reliant on the outer skin and the manner in which the cladding sheets are stiched together. An initial application was made and it was deemed that prior approval would be required as as the Local Planning Authority deemed that there was insufficient evidence about the previous use and the LPA were not satisfied that the amount of structural work required could be carried out within the Class Q legislation.

After considering the failed applied application Acorus and the client prepared a resubmission which contained additional supporting information. The resubmission was considered by the LPA and following negotiations it was deemed that prior approval was not required. The client is extremely pleased with the outcome and is now looking forward to proceeding with the conversion in the New Year.

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