Commercial Buildings
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Commercial Buildings

Government policy has encouraged a whole 'wave' of businesses to relocate to the countryside often into disused agricultural buildings.

In some cases the use can be low intensity and requires little work but in others, especially where staff are employed, it is important to get the design and layout right. Building Regulations & Fire Regulations must be adhered to.

It is possible to get replacement commercial buildings and our building design staff can work alongside our planning consultants to advise you on the options available.

Latest News

Mobile Home To Dwelling!
The Midlands office is pleased to report that outline planning permission for a dwelling has been obtained…
Curved Steel Structure Go Ahead In Suffolk
The Acorus planning and design team have been working on behalf of a client for the last twelve months.…
Acorus Achieves Planning Consent For Major Conversion Project In Norfolk
The Acorus planning and design team have been working on behalf of GW Daniels and Son for several years…
Prior Approval Herefordshire
The Midlands office is pleased to have secured Prior Approval for the conversion of a former poultry…
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