The owner of a farmstead totalling 3 acres wanted to build a dwelling on-site to house a manager to oversee his business enterprise.

Braintree District Council approached Acorus to carry out an appraisal to assess if the submitted application for an agricultural dwelling met the criteria of Planning Policy Statement 7 (PPS7).

The main areas of the business involved rearing free range hens for egg production, rearing and keeping rare breeds and other poultry and seasonal hatching of game birds for a nearby landowner.

Although stocking levels had been higher in the past, at the time of Acorus’ appraisal, numbers were too low to justify constant on-site agricultural livestock management. With regards to the pheasant rearing enterprise which did require essential monitoring and supervision, it was a seasonal activity which did not represent either a full-time or year round requirement.

Acorus therefore concluded to Braintree District Council that given the prevailing limited stocking and agricultural activities, there was no existing functional need for a full time worker.