Acorus Appraisal Supports Braintree District Council Decision


Commissioned by Braintree District Council, Acorus Rural Property Services Ltd evaluated an appeal against the decision to refuse an application for an agricultural dwelling at a farmstead in Essex.

The owner had applied for a permanent dwelling on-site to support the agricultural activities on the farm in December 2010 but the application had been refused. It was felt at the time that although some of the work carried out from the site had an agricultural linkage, there were other sources of income not of an agricultural nature and there was not enough justification for the development.

The owner appealed against this decision and Braintree District Council appointed Acorus to submit an impartial appraisal in assessment of the lodged appeal. In the report, Acorus Planning Consultant, Roland Thomas stated ‘Overall, I conclude that given the prevailing limited stocking and agricultural activities, I cannot see that there is an existing functional need for a full time worker and therefore a permanent dwelling on-site. I also have reservations over the current financial status of the agricultural business.’

Following the Planning Inspectorate’s decision to dismiss the appeal, Braintree District Council thanked Mr Thomas for his involvement and assured him that where possible, they would use Acorus again in the future.